Best Lift Kits for Your Jeep

Most Jeep ownerswant to be able to take their vehicle off-road. To do this, a lift is needed. Lift kits for jeeps pull the body off the ground so the components located in the lower chassis are safe during off-roading, whether you are driving over rocky terrain or in the water. When a jeep has 35-inch tires or other large sizes, the vehicle will need to be lifted appropriately in order to function well as well as provide safe space for the components of the vehicle. When installing a lift kit, you want to choose a brand that is approved by other jeep drivers and recommended for your jeep type. Below are two examples of lift kits you can use to transform your Jeep into an off-roading wonder.

Daystar Suspension Lift Kits

One of the top-rated lift kits located at is the Daystar Suspension Lift Kit. This complete lift kit includes all components and installation hardware. The kit allows for larger wheels and tires, so if you have 35-inch tires, you will have no problem using this kit. The option improves performance, increases vehicle height and utilizes most stock components.

Pro Comp Stage I Lift Kits

Pro Comp is a top brand that offers exclusive items for jeep drivers. With the Pro Comp Stage I Lift Kit, you have an option that is perfect for off-roading. Pro Comp takes no short-cuts when it comes to the handling, performance and look of Jeep vehicles. With this lift kit, you can enjoy a smooth ride and protect your vehicle while off-roading. The kit usually comes with spacers or coil springs based on the application type. Shocks are included in most applications with the option to upgrade to State 2 with only a few additions to the kit.

These are just two examples of quality lift kits by premium brands. Do your homework to find out which type of lift will work best for your jeep type and driving needs.

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