Armageddon-Ready RVs for Doomsday Preppers

For some, a recreational vehicle is simply a mobile home for holiday trips. But for those who fear for the future, they treat an RV as their getaway car towards safety. Doomsday preppers, or those who prepare for the end-of-times, make extra effort to arm and equip themselves to survive imminent dangers of war, government collapse, nuclear explosions, natural disasters, and the like.


So what are the main characteristics of an Armageddon-ready vehicle?

  • Multi-Fuel Engine – In the end-times, it would be very difficult to source fuel and energy. A dependable doomsday vehicle should be able to run on different fuels.

  • Armored and War-Ready – During a social meltdown, everyone becomes barbaric and less humane, ready to kill. An Armageddon-ready RV should be fitted with armors and weapons to counter those who endanger your life and that of your family.

  • Huge Load Capacity – This is going to be your mobile home, so choose a vehicle with huge load capacity, enough to carry your entire family and your essential survival belongings.


  • Easy Maneuverability – Expect all sorts of blockages and debris littered along the way. Your getaway vehicle should be easy to maneuver over and across different terrains. Dual transmission allows you to drive the car even when you lose a limb. The RV should have the right speed appropriate for the type of survival lifestyle you are preparing for. Fast, if you want to get away from flashflood, scourge of zombies or tsunami, and head towards safety. Slow with heavy damage, if you want to trample upon hostiles.

  • Basic Amenities – A good motor home should be equipped with essential amenities such as communication devices, solar panels, and shelter facilities to house your family while mobile.

  • Covert Design – Your getaway vehicle should not be readily noticeable when on the road. A camouflage exterior, low-noise engine, and minimum road tracks would be a great choice.


  • Low Acquisition Cost – Of course, a vehicle with the least initial cost would be desirable. And you should be able to outfit it going forward.

There is no guarantee when the end of the world comes. But if you want to prepare to survive life’s uncertainties and defy Armageddon, buy a doomsday-ready car.

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