Adventure Ride by Land and Sea with These Futuristic Amphibious Vehicles

Whether you are gearing up for an apocalyptic event or simply want a flexible driving experience, any one of these amphibious vehicles will surely capture your attention.

WaterCar Panther Jeep

This 3.7 liter-powered bad boy from Japan can reach speeds of up to 44mph on water and 80mph on land, taking only a mere 15 seconds transition. This is truly a perfect getaway vehicle from land to sea, and vice versa. Plus, it looks stunningly cool, way cooler than riding a jet ski and definitely cooler than any land-only jeeps out there.


4WD Gibbs Quadski

Quad driving has never been this exciting. Gibbs only needs 5 seconds transition driving, giving you a moderate but satisfactory boost of 45mph on land. This mega quad bike comes with a 15gal fuel tank, giving you a long mileage head start before it empties out on you.

Rinspeed Splash Sportscar

The Splash runs at 125mph on land and glides at 50mph on water, making it the world’s fastest amphibious vehicle. Being Swiss-made, it sure prides itself of having the finest make. What is more interesting is that the Splash actually levitates 60cm above water, so it literally is a flier. Run by natural gas, this dynamic driving machine is not just fast, but eco-friendly, too.


Sealegs Amphibious Boat

Sealegs from New Zealand looks like a small boat on stilts. Running at less than 10mph, what it lacks in speed, it makes up for being an accessory land-water vehicle for yachts and bigger boats. It is actually great for those who need a quick transition from water to land, and vice versa, absent the speed requirements.


Phibi Cat Aluminum Boat

This aluminum Cat is designed for leisure than survival, although its 40mph speed is pretty much a decent drive for a quick getaway away. The Cat offers huge storage, too, complete with dinette and toilet, making it a complete bug-out shelter-vehicle for apocalyptic needs.

Pal V One

This one does not drive on water, but it does fly on air and run on land. If you need extra speed and drive advantage, this one has got to be it. Pal V One tops 112mph on land, accelerating from 0 to 60mph in only 8 seconds. When on air, it flies up to 4,000 feet with 300 miles flight time. Pal V One out-speeds walking zombies on land, and safely hovers over land and water threats just as quickly.

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