ShowAutoReviews is born from the world passion for the four wheels, a site dedicated to those who love to follow closely the world of cars: Ferrari, BMW, Porches, Volvo, Ford and all the biggest brands there for you.
A portal where you can read the latest road tests, which refer to the opinions of experts and enthusiasts evaluating the cars of the moment, a real online magazine to enjoy the most beautiful cars of the moment for you reviewed, enriched by pictures and videos.

A pleasant place for interaction, discussion and comparison of the views of enthusiasts for enthusiasts, users to users: you can actively participate in the exchange of knowledge and expertise, by sending news, with the ability to give advice personal opinions, suggestions and support to other users. This has created a blog that offers sterile and static information, but we offer a constantly changing, updating and enrichment through a dynamic content, the contribution is offered by the comments, questions and answers from time to time are in addition in the first place.
I hope you will enjoy our reviews 🙂

Katy Nikolaou

Athens – Greece