A Look at the 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 Sedan

The 2014 CLA 250 Sedan has been making a buzz recently but not just because it’s the new guy in town. Mercedes Benz is reported to be struggling meeting the global demand for the automobile, which is one of the least expensive the maker has on offer.

The CLA-Class has impressed a lot of test drivers with its attractive styling and sporty performance. However, there are some that have said it makes a couple of compromises which prevent it from being exceptionally competitive within its class.


The Road Feel

Equipped with turbocharged 4-cylinder engine along with a 7-speed dual clutch transmission, the CLA 250 Sedan has fairly adequate power, although not as impressive as its high-performance counterpart, the CLA45 AMG 4matic. It gets 26/38 mpg which is a great number for a non-hybrid luxury mid-sized car and is exceptionally agile on winding roads.


Although many test drivers have praised the automobile’s brake for being on point, some have given critique on its steering accuracy, expressing that they wished to have more road feel. In addition, it is said to run jarringly on bumpy roads although on highways, it can deliver the smoothest ride.

The Interiors 

The 2014 CLA-class is known for sporting well-appointed and quiet interior. In fact, it looks and feels much pricier than it actually is. But as a mid-sized car, its back seat is relatively small although it is considerably supportive.


The car is also equipped with Bluetooth, a navigation system that comes with a large screen, and an infotainment system. It has rain-sensing windshield wipers, a collision prevention assist, and an attention assist system. Moreover, Mercedes Benz has designed the vehicle in a way that it can be equipped with panoramic moonroofs, remote window controls, a satellite radio, sensors, parking assist, automatic climate control and adaptive cruise control among others.

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