7 of the Best Race Cars for Beginners

Did you ever dream of becoming a racecar driver? Getting older though, you realize your dream may be hard to realize, unless you have millions of dollars at your disposal.

But you can still enjoy your love for motorsports with a relatively less expensive racecar. It may be slower than an F1, but it can let you live out your dream of getting into car racing.

Mustang – you don’t need to buy a brand new one, unless you’ve got tons of cash to spare. Otherwise, go for an older and cheaper model. Then, learn how to drive a fast car. Master the skill, and then go from there. Once you’re confident enough, have some safety gear installed in it, upgrade it if necessary and race in any series.


BMW 3-Series – this was famous in the 1980s and mid-2000s. Pick out a well-conditioned model. Then, get rid of everything in it except the front seats.

Camaro/Firebird – this is an inexpensive and strong way to get started with car racing. In fact, you can race it anywhere you can with a Mustang. There are series that are dedicated to these affordable racecars.

Porsche Boxster –  the Boxster is also one of the cheapest racecars you’ll find in the market nowadays. This means that building one of these will surely be inexpensive.


Honda CRX – the CRX may be decades old and in bone-stock form, but it’s still the most lightweight vehicle on the list. Check out one of these amazing rides make a tight turn without even touching the brakes and you’ll see why many racers choose this car.

Nissan 350 Z – this car’s racing history may be more than a decade, but the Z is still a prominent choice for lots of budget racers. You’ll even find series dedicated to this model.


Porsche 944 – aside from the fact that this is another Porsche, the 944 is a trackside staple. It’s cheap and won’t beat you up if you fail. Most importantly, you’ll be racing in a Porsche, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t consider buying one.

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