5 things to remember in the case of a car accident

No one wants to be in a car accident. However, in America, there are over two million crashes a year. Even though car accidents are rarely fatal, it pays to be prepared when someone runs into the back of you. A car crash, no matter how small, can severely impact daily life. There’s health concerns, damages, liabilities, and traffic violations to contend with. With most car owners likely to be involved with at least one crash in their lives, here’s five tips to keep in mind when the inevitable happens.

Exchange details

After the initial commotion of the accident has died down, the first step is to exchange details with the driver. Under Australian law, drivers involved in an accident must stop at the scene and give their driving details, not only to the other driver involved but to any pedestrians injured or owners of property damaged. Ask the other driver to show them their license. Write down the driver’s name, address and license number. You should also take down their phone number, car registration, and make and model. It’s important not to admit that the accident was your fault – that’s something for the insurance companies to worry about later. If the driver does not exchange details with you, you should report the accident to the police.

Car accident tips

Car accident tips

Gather evidence

As soon as possible, you should gather evidence about the damages and losses of the accident. This includes information that will go towards determining who was at fault. This will greatly assist in negotiations with the driver or their insurance company. It might even come in handy if you have to go to court. Evidence can be anything from a recount of the accident, witnesses, photos, and police reports. Both drivers will need to assess the cost that the damage has incurred. These can be repair quotes or invoices.

Get quotes

The next step is to get quotes for repairs, especially if the accident is a minor one. These quotes will help you make a decision whether you want to claim insurance. These will also help in gathering evidence of the cost of repairing your car. You can get a repair quote at a local panel beaters, usually for free (although some charge for it). These should include the work that needs to be done, materials needed and total cost. Don’t just settle for one quote, rather you should get two or three to show that the amount you’re asking for is fair.

Car crash Advice

Car crash Advice

Contact your insurance company

Even if you weren’t at fault or your car has only sustained minor damages, you should contact your insurance company if your car is insured. Most third party insurance companies require you tell them as soon as possible. If you haven’t decided you want to claim yet, explain clearly that you are just notifying them.

Get a lawyer

Finally, you need to be aware of disputed insurance claims. Some accidents may end up being decided on in court. In this instance it is essential to have quality, professional legal service. Motor Accident Legal Service  specialises in legal assistance to those that have been in a car accidents, and they have a ‘no win no fee’ policy.

Following these tips will take some of the anxiety and stress out of a car accident.

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