4 Of The Best Eco-Friendly Cars On The UK Market

There are so many benefits for choosing to drive an eco-friendly car with the most obvious one being they are kinder to the environment but they also have other fantastic benefits. And these include government grants towards buying the car,  there is usually lower taxes or in some cases, there are no taxes on eco-friendly vehicles and finally, they have lower running costs.

These benefits might make you consider buying a green car next time you are in the market for a new car.

Listed below are 4 of the best eco-friendly cars on the UK market.

1) Toyota Prius Hatchback

The world’s first mass-produced petrol-electric hybrid vehicle and it still going strong today and with good reason it is the best by far. It is a good family car and is one you can rely on especially when it comes to being fuel efficient. An added bonus of the Toyota Prius is the fact that It is exempt from both road tax and the London Congestion Charge.

2) Nissan Leaf

These can be a little expensive to buy however, they are a good investment. It is a sleek and spacious vehicle that is easy to drive. You will save yourself a tonne of money on fuel if you drive one of these bad boys. If you are a technology lover then a vehicle like a Leaf is perfect for you as it is rich with technological advances.

3) BMW i8 Supercar

Who doesn’t dream of owning this fun and sexy car? A green supercar with serious pace and low emissions. It’s the sort of car you would hang on your bedroom wall. This car has it all even butterfly doors.

4) Lexus IS300h

Like the BMW i8 supercar, this saloon style car looks amazing and is super stylish. Like the other 3 cars listed above, it has low running costs and is fuel efficient.

These stunning green cars are just 4 of many you can choose from and you are spoilt for choice when it comes to online websites that help you search for used cars and new cars.

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