4 Completely Undervalued Cars that Should’ve Been Classics Today

Not all cars are created equal even if they come from the same manufacturer or have the same initial offering price. Over time, there are cars that will cost more than your mortgage, while others become very affordable. However, some of these vehicles don’t really deserve to fall into the dirt-cheap range. There are cars that are undervalued, which should have been considered classics today.

Here are four of the seriously undervalued automobiles:

Chevrolet Corvair Monza

Years: 1960-69
General value today: $12,000


One of the most exceptional cars ever produced in America, the Corvair has an air-cooled flat-six engine and has more in common with the Porsche 911. Although Chevrolet offered this model in several body styles,the Monza is the coupe that looks more like a muscle car, which is why it should’ve been a classic now. However, it was claimed “unsafe at any speed”, pushing people to turn away from it several decades ago.

Volkswagen Corrado VR6/SLC

Years: 1992-95
General value today: $3,000-5,000

For a car that weighs 2,800 pounds, the Corrado has almost 200 horsepower under its hood, which isn’t so bad for its power-to-weight ratio. What makes it worth it is its fine handling capacity. It was such a good buy that it was the next best thing to the very first BMW M3.


Studebaker Avanti

Years: 1962-63
General value today: $20,000

The Avanti debuted way before the Mustang was launched. It was considered state-of-the-art back then as it has plenty of power, four-people seating capacity and disc brakes. However, the Avanti was launched during the manufacturer’s most trying time. As a result, there were less than 6,000 produced before the factory completely closed it.


Porsche 914

Years: 1969-76
General value today: $10,000-15,000

For many people, the 914 was a bizarrely shaped car has already been forgotten. But to many car lovers, it is the epitome of a lightweight, well-balanced and low-powered sports car.

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