3 Motoring events to look out for in 2016

While leading automotive brand Volkswagen have continued to experience declining sales in recent times, the distribution of new vehicles in Europe and the UK has actually returned to pre-crisis levels during the last three months.

With UK sales already up by 5.3% on 2015 figures, there is clearly a rising demand for new cars amid improved economic performance. This is great news for car brands, who can continue to compete aggressively for their share of a growing market.

3 Motor shows to look out for as a consumer in 2016 

It is even better news for consumer who are in the market for a new car in 2016, as now is the ideal time to source and purchase competitively priced models. Attending automotive shows is a great place to start in the current market, so here are three of the top upcoming events remaining in the calendar year.

1. The London Motor Show, 6-8th May

Hosted at Battersea Evolution in South London, this event will represent the first major car show to take place in the capital for eight years. In this respect, it is a watershed for growth in the new car sales market, while it will also showcase the very best in innovation across electric, concept and futuristic car ranges. With a host of celebrity guest speakers already booked to attend and numerous opportunities to interact with simulated driving experiences, this event is a must for fans of contemporary automotive design.

Motor Shows

Motor Shows

2. The Goodwood Festival of Speed, 23-26th June

The Goodwood Motor Circuit in Chichester is synonymous with driving, while the festival speed is one of the UK’s most popular automotive events. ‘Full Throttle’ is this years’ theme, celebrating the very best in luxury cars and sports vehicles across multiple brands. The event will also celebrate BMW’s centenary year with the honoured marque and collaboration through the creation of an artists feature by designer Gerry Judah. World-class drivers including Jenson Button, Sir Stirling Moss and Mark Webber will also be attending to showcase their motoring skills, so the event should appeal to anyone with a love of speed.

Motor Shows

Motor Shows

3. The Silverstone Classic Event, 29-31st July 

Hosted at the world famous Silverstone racetrack in Northampton, this is another of the UK’s biggest and most popular car shows. Usually bathed in summer sunshine, the Silverstone track draws motoring fans from across the globe, displaying a host of classic and contemporary cars from leading brands like Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and many more. There is also live music and a number of spectacular aerial displays, making the Silverstone Classic ideal for guests and families of all ages.

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