3 Extremely Rare Cars that Actually Exist

It’s normal to see cars ranging from the affordable models like Toyota Vios and Honda Accords to high-end ones like McLarens and Ferrari 458 Spiders. But there are a couple of limited edition vehicles that are so rare you probably never heard of them. These expensive rides range from one-off concepts to completely limited supercars.

Here are some of those extremely rare cars you probably never thought existed.

Ikenga GT Motorcars

When the Ikenga was built, it was one of the most advanced cars ever made. In fact, it was called by Car and Driver magazine as the “World’s Wildest Street Racer.” This superb car was a product of the genius mind of David Gittens and was built by Charles Williams from 1967-1969. Although this automobile had futuristic features like closed circuit television, Gucci luggage in the trunk and a foldaway steering wheel, its design was inspired by the Igbo culture of Eastern Nigeria. The last recorded purchase of the Ikenga was made by a prince from the Middle East.


Chrysler Thunderbolt

The LeBaron x Chrysler vehicle didn’t make it to production because of World War II. Its concept had, at that time, an out-of-this-world feel to it, which featured the first ever retractable hardtop that was American-made. No clear records of the Thunderbolt were found, so no one can really say what its color and interior were. No one also knows how many were actually made. News of a fully restored model was heard of in 2011.


2015 Pagani Huayra

This extremely limited hypercar was so exclusive that the makers actually displayed two customer-owned cars at the most recent Geneva Auto Show. This is because Pagani’s full production allotment for this year has already been sold. This awesome ride has 700 horsepower, turbocharged 6.0 L V12 with a speed that’s capable of exceeding 200mph. This means that this ride is one of the fastest in the world. Although its manufacturer took inspiration from other high-end makers like AMG and Zonda R, the finished product is something you very rarely see on the road.


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