3 Campervans You Need in Your Life This Summer

Summer is the perfect time for family getaways or weekend camping trips with friends. Sadly, the old Volkswagen campervan isn’t available in the United States these days. Not to worry though because there are other RVs that are cooler and more powerful than the trusty VW campervan. Here are some of them:


Weekend excursions will never be the same again with the Mercedes Zetros 6×6, even if it’s not summer. Outside, it looks like the most rugged and robust RV ever available on the market. But inside, you’ll feel like you’re in a posh hotel – two large flat screen TVs, a dining room, a marble shower, heated tiles And did we mention the Zetros can fit in an ATV? Yet the Zetros isn’t all talk. The 1000 foot pounds of torque is equally divided on all six wheels, which means that this beast can’t get stuck. Ever.



With the Terra Wind, you won’t have to worry about crossing a lake to find a good camping spot since it is comfortable to drive above water as it is on land. It’s so amazing that it has a highways speed of up to 80 mph and 7 knots on water. Inside this coach is where the true beauty of this vehicle lies. It has a padded leather dashboard that looks more like an aircraft’s cockpit with its numerous gauges and system controls as well as GPS, computer docking system and navigational charts. It’s also customizable to suit any preference in entertainment system, cabinetry, flooring, paint, graphics and even furnishing.



Earthroamer XV-LT’s have the brawn to match their beauty. For one, they’re on four-wheel drive and have Ford F-550 duty cab chassis and turbo diesel engine. They have a towing capacity of 12,500 pounds, which means that you can take your waverider, boat or ATV with you. They can accommodate up to eight adventurers, depending on the camper body and cab of the XV-LT.


Choose from these practical and incredibly worthy RVs for weekend trips you won’t forget.

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