3 Awesome Car Ads that Aired During Super Bowl XLIX

Last year’s Super Bowl had a clear winner from the very start. This year’s event between the Seattle Seahawks – 2014 champions – and the Tom Brady-led New England Patriots was a nail-biter which saw the Patriots overcome a 10-point deficit to win their fourth Lombardi Trophy. While the action on the pitch was filled with so much tension, viewers can be glad to be treated to some commercials during each break.

Some Super Bowl ads are hits while some are misses and others just hit the “Ok” mark. A range of companies showcase the best they’ve got during this event, and that includes automobile makers. Here are the car ads that aired during Super Bowl XLIX:

Chevy Colorado: What would you do if your TV went out?

You’ve got to hand it to Chevy, this ad was pretty clever.

You see, if you’re only given 30 seconds to make an impact in the biggest stage possible, you do or do not, there is no try. Well, the car company’s ad for their Chevy Colorado truck was put on after kickoff and it gave viewers a moment of panic.

The ad showed a view of the University of Phoenix stadium – where the match is being held – and the picture just cut out leaving viewers to question how on earth they could ever watch the Super Bowl.

The ad certainly caught the attention of those watching and served its purpose: to inform viewers that their new Chevy Colorado has built-in 4G LTW WiFi. Put simply, you can watch the game in your car.


Camry: How Great I Am

What do you get when you mix in a Muhammad Ali speech in a commercial starring a truly inspirational person? Greatness.

Camry used the fact that Amy Purdy is a Paralympian snowboarder, model and dancer to full effect in their ad. When Amy was 19, she contracted meningitis leading to the loss of both her legs below the knee. However, this ad shows that even with prosthetic legs, Amy can do anything.

Camry also had another ad – an emotional one that showed a dad helping his daughter through the years and ends with him driving her to the airport where she’s headed off to join the military.

All of these ads highlighted “The Bold New Camry.”


BMW: What Is the Internet?

How much has technology changed in 21 years? In 1994, news anchors Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel had trouble understanding what the internet was.

Flash forward to 2015, BMW shows you the clip about the two anchors being troubled with the “@” sign then shows them 21 years later trying to figure out the new BMW i3 vehicle.

Other automobile companies who showed ads during the Super Bowl include Nissan, Fiat, Dodge, Kia, Jeep and Mercedes.


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