2015 VW California Campervan: Your New Hippy Bus

Did you used to own one of those old Volkswagen hippy buses that are great for long road trips and camping excursions on weekends? This 2015, meet your new version of that trusty old-school campervan.

The 2015 VW California Campervan was introduced by Volkswagen’s Commercial Vehicles Division a couple of weeks ago. This new sweet ride is a spacious campervan that’s been modeled after the sixth generation Transporter. It was designed as a house on wheels and comes with a pop-up top that can accommodate two people. It also has a set of chairs and a detachable picnic table installed into the sliding door. If you want more facilities, you can pay more for a full kitchen, a two-burned stove, a stainless steel sink and a small fridge.


As of this writing, no pictures of the interior of the campervan have been posted online yet. However, the German carmaker promises patrons to have more options. For example, they can opt for a new California with two, five or seven seats. All models of the new hippy bus will have storage bins installed throughout the cabin. This means that a well-equipped California Campervan can have tiny apartments a run for their money.


The 2015 California Campervan gains a new 2.0-liter TDI turbodiesel four-cylinder engine. The options for horsepower are 83, 100, 147 and 201. Aside from that, standard features offered with the California include front-wheel drive and manual transmission. Buyers can order one with the dual-clutch DSG transmission controlled by shit paddles. Meanwhile, it is equipped with a start/stop system that makes your vehicle more fuel-economy. Volkswagen has also announced that there will be lots of gasoline-burning four-cylinder options one the production starts.


Today, the Volkswagen California is on sale in Germany with base price of €41,429 or $46,500. This amazing campervan is expected to be launched in the US anytime soon.

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