Why the Porsche 911 is A Solid Investment

Porsche has produced a lot of additional models through the years – Carrera, Panamera, Cayman, Macan and Boxster. But one particular model that revolutionized the car industry is the Porsche 911. But why should you spend your investment money on this luxury car?

Porsche 911: Timeless Design

The thing that gets people attracted to the 911 model is its timeless design. It’s a vehicle that sports car enthusiasts can greatly appreciate.


Surprising as it may sound, the 911 model just turned FIFTY years old in 2013 yet Porsche is still continuing the production of the model! This means expect modern technical details on the newer production outputs – 4-set configurations with a design that’s still an apparent reminder of how previous models appeared back in the old days.

Modern Modifications: The Liquid-Cooled Engine

Porsche has not changed much of the design of their 911 model. However, they did incorporate several modifications through the years. For instance, between 1960 and 1998, Porsche introduced the circulating oil and the cool-air engine. But because these weren’t able to match the modifications of rivals such as Ferrari, Porsche went and switched to using liquid-cooled engine.


The switch proved to be beneficial as this somehow brought Porsche to the forefront of the competition. This engine was not only less noisy, it was also more competent and much better. 

Picking a Generation

There are plenty of Porsche 911 models available for selection. The 1st generation 911 models were produced from 1964-1989. These embody the aesthetics and pure design of Porsche – clean, neat and focused.


Better features and newer technology came with the third generation 911, which feature integrated bumpers, anti-lock brakes, aerodynamic efficiency and an especially exotic design. It’s the choice for Porsche aficionados and passionate drivers.

If your thing includes sliding glass roofs, variable valve timing and all-wheel drive, then the 4th generation models would be the way to go. Or you can go always for the later models produced, the 996 and 997, both of which have even better features and performance. Cue improved technology, sharper exterior design, PDK and 2-clutch automatic gearbox technology – particularly created for those who want a luxury car with speed.

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