Why a Fuel-Efficient Car Remains a Viable Option for 2015

If you’re pondering on a new car purchase for 2015, perhaps you should take a look at fuel-efficient cars for greater savings and green driving. Although plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and all-electric vehicles (EVs) are now widely available and encouraged for car ownership, they have issues with design, space and cost. A fuel-efficient car just might be what you need, for now.

Better Gas Mileage

Modern cars are now equipped with fuel saving features – more powerful engines that consume lesser fuel, resulting in higher mileage per gas. Research reveals that vehicles manufactured since 2009 offer the most fuel economy, substantially improving gas mileage and reducing gas consumption.


Lower Emissions

Fuel-efficient cars have smaller engines compared with conventional models, so they produce lower environmental footprint than their gas guzzling counterparts. As far as its environmental impact is concerned, fuel-efficient cars can reduce up to 90 percent of smog pollutants and up to 50 percent of carbon dioxide.


Sleeker Design

Although smaller and lighter than conventional cars, fuel-efficient vehicles maintain a contemporary look – sleek design, aerodynamic lines, and futuristic appeal. On top of fuel-savings and better mileage, motorists want a drive that offers lower drag co-efficient for smoother road trips, something that bulky and odd-looking electric cars can’t compete.

Spacious Interiors

Fuel-efficient cars feature more compact and tight shells, with fewer overhangs and wider tire threads, but remain spacious in the inside. As of late, there is no ideal family-friendly electric car, since battery packs usually take up so much space even compromising rear seating. Some electric cars may have the space but are clouded with hefty price tags, unreliable telematics, cheap looks and limited color options.


Speed and Power

Fuel-efficient cars are undeniably more powerful and better suited for suburban and rural driving because drivers aren’t plagued by dried up batteries, charging options, travel distance and the weather (cold weather lowers battery life). When it comes to speed, gas-powered vehicles are still fastest on the road.

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