What You Can Expect with the Smart Cars in 2015

A lot of things have gone smart today, smart houses, phones, watches, TVs and cars, most of which can be pretty challenging to understand, especially for people who are not technologically keen. But with all the benefits that smart gadgets have to offer, you have no other choice but to be smart about them.

So what’s new with the smartest cars in 2015?

Connected Technologies

Ever heard of Apple Car Play or Android Auto? Both apps allow you to seamlessly sync your car’s features with that of your in-phone system. This means you can access your infotainment system or other nifty programs through your phone, tablet or other mobile devices that are equipped with the app. Because syncing often calls for compatibility, most breed of cars in 2015 will have customized technologies.



Hands-Free Voice Control Option

Connecting your car with your iPhone means you can access Siri at the same time. The same thing is true with other gadgets that have voice recognition features. But smart cars will be designed in such a way that you can choose not to press a single button at all. Although there are challenges to making this happen, some of which car manufacturers are already experiencing, it is not an entirely impossible concept.


For now, however, car makers are simply content to use Android Auto and Apple Car Play to deliver a connected car systems. Some of the brands that have embraced this idea include:

  • 2015 Hyundai Sonata with Android Auto. Using Google Now, the phone/car convergence will know all your contacts, destinations, schedules and the like. But the most impressive feature is the attractive and navigable maps.

  • Audi with Virtual Cockpit. This one takes the prize for giving a car that futuristic feel and appearance. Its display is a huge full-color screen placed right behind the steering wheel, where driving would feel like playing with your Xbox’s steering wheel console.

Who’s to say what the future cars will look like? For now, smart cars are more than enough.


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