Unveiling the Newly Improved 2016 Honda Pilot

There is really nothing sexy about a three-row SUV or any family car for that matter. They are usually bulky and less impressive when it comes to esthetics. It screams practical in every inch. But the 2016 Honda Pilot is about to change this.

Cutting Down the Size

The Pilot is massive by Honda’s standards, but it still finds home with many car owners who need to ferry several kids in one go. What it lacks in body style, it makes up for its practical use. At some point, however, mom or dad would want to drive something that is not considered a family car at first glance. A little style can go a long way, anyway.


The reason Honda cut down some 300 lbs from the Pilot, however, is more than just cosmetic. Downsizing was also done in the name of efficiency, which is what every car owner asks for. Several improvements have also been made in the interior, so the Pilot can better deliver its primary purpose — carry as many passengers with maximum comfort. The step-in height was dropped by an inch and the second row seats are now easier to fold than before. The number of USB ports has also been increased, in case small passengers need to plug in their devices to stay entertained and occupied. And, when the third-row seats are lifted up, space is made to accommodate an 82-quart cooler.


Although not many people who buy a family car give a lot of thought to the engine, Honda updated the Pilot to give it more power where its performance is concerned. It now carries an updated version of Honda’s 3.5-liter V-6 and paired with a 9-speed automatic. Along with these updates are top-flight safety ratings that would be foremost in any parent’s mind.

The Pilot is all about maximizing the utility of an SUV.


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