Top Ten Rudest Drivers Revealed

White van drivers are the rudest on the road according to a study by; fitting in with the long established stereotype. The company questioned over 2,000 motorists to uncover to find out who were the rudest and the most polite; classifying drivers based on their vehicle choice. Owners of Ford vehicles were found to be the most polite drivers on the road; closely followed by Audi drivers who were a surprising second on the list.

White van drivers were found to be the least considerate of other motorists; being the least likely group to let other drivers out at junctions and also being the least likely to indicate at roundabouts. They were also found to lack consideration for cyclists; being the least likely to leave them sufficient room for them when passing them.

There wasn’t any consideration given to pedestrians either; with 50% of the white van drivers questioned claiming that they never stop at zebra crossings in order to allow people to cross the road.

However, white van drivers were not the only impolite motorists on the road, with Jaguar drivers being found to have the worst motorway etiquette; being the most likely to cut people up and also the most likely to fail to adhere to the DVLA’s recommended two second rule by following other motorists too closely.

Jaguar drivers were also found to be the most likely to suffer from road rage; being prone to remonstrating with their fellow motorists. But it was Porsche drivers who made it to 2nd place on the rudest drivers list, being found to be regularly one of the rudest over a variety of metrics:

Image source: MoneySupermarket Car Insurance

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