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My best friend Toni told me something that immediately pulled my attention and I would like to share. He is a proud owner of a 1999 BMW M3 and about two weeks ago he had a small accident. While he was parking his car, he didn’t notice a small tree on the rear right side and broke the car’s right tail light. He immediately took the car to the nearest auto parts retailer but he didn’t find the right tail light he was looking for and they told him that this is an old model and it won’t be easy to find that exact part. He asked another two retailers but got the same response. Frustrated, he decided to search online and it was then when he told me about Andy’s Auto Sports. This is Toni’s story on his own words:

After I broke the tail light I was looking at local auto parts retailers for a 1999 BMW M3 right tail light. I had to replace it as soon as possible because I had heard about bad weather conditions the coming days and I was afraid of a short circuit. Unfortunately I did not find it anywhere. I searched on the internet and I found Andy’s Auto Sports website. I was surprised because not only they had the exact part I was looking for but also had parts of the 1987 model and many other amazing parts and accessories I had no idea they exist and that can be adjusted to my 1999 BMW M3. What really pulled my attention and made me excited was vertical doors. My car would look great with a pair of those. The best part is that there is a video by Andy in which he describes all you have to do to replace the tail light by yourself. How amazing is that?

Toni's 1999 BMW M3 with a new tail light

Toni’s 1999 BMW M3 with a new tail light

After Toni’s words I decided to visit the website he was referring to. The website is simple in eye relaxing colors and emphasizes on the cars and their parts. What is really impressive is that it has everything! Any part you can imagine or not from spoilers, lights, body kits, suspensions, doors, batteries and even car engines. Anything you might be looking for, no matter how old or new your car model is and from all known car manufacturers you will find it at Andy’s Auto Parts. As about the prices, you can check by yourself and see that are really reasonable. Delivery is quite fast and as says on the website, for a limited time only it is free.

Andys Auto Sports

Andys Auto Sports

The reason this made such an impression to me and I am sharing it is because I have been in that place, looking for a part of my car that is hard to find, and I am sure you have too.

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