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Thule Cycle Carriers

If you are the kind of family that enjoys being active while you’re away then taking your own bikes can be a beneficial idea. It means that you don’t have to hire bikes which can prove costly and leave you with bikes of poor quality, if you are fortunate enough to be able to easily find a bike hire centre where you are staying. If you do intend to take your own bikes away with you, whether you are taking one or a number, then Thule cycle carriers and roof boxes can provide a safe and convenient means of easily transporting them. Camping and other holidays are an ideal opportunity to enjoy an adventure packed holiday. You don’t have to spend your time in a hotel room and you can use the opportunity to enjoy some healthy exercise as well as ensure that everybody has a fun packed trip away.

Mountain biking is an especially beneficial form of exercise that you can take advantage of while you’re away. It enables you to get out in the countryside or to cycle through local villages, towns, and even cities. You won’t have to pay congestion charges or tolls and you can enjoy a really good holiday involving the kids and your partner. There are few better ways to really see and experience the area where you are staying.

Cycle carriers

Cycle carriers

As well as the bikes, you will need some method of transporting them to your desired location. Typically this means fitting a bike rack to your car and if you are intending to do this then there are several options available to you. If available then a tow bar mounted rack will tend to offer the greatest stability and convenience but not all cars have a towbar and not all owners want one fitted.

Cycle carrier

Cycle carrier

Rear door mounted roof racks require that you have a rear door and the rack will be secure enough for your requirements. Generally, you will need to stop every few hours so that you can ensure the strapping on the roof rack is secure enough but this gives you good opportunity to take a break from driving, take a look at the sights, or grab something to eat.

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