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The new Mustang 2015

A world without mustang is very unimaginable. It is a very iconic car model that has wowed several generations of car fans. The collection has its low points but Ford is truly creative and they have redesigned the car that would turn out to be a classic. There is no doubt that the coming Ford is the best of the bunch in terms of quality, handling and even performance. Although this is the case, there is a downside of current models like the fact that it is not expensive. This new upcoming Mustang is said to be an up market and much closer to a performance car.

In attempt to redesign the new Mustang, the car manufacturer is facing cross roads. They are focused on high gas prices that challenge the world. The next generation Mustang will definitely be lighter and more efficient than ever. It will be shedding about 300 points. This will be due to downsizing. They will most likely be using a much lighter material especially for the body. They will be using aluminum and steel. According to sources, this new Mustang can cater to both right and left handed. These will be exported in countries like the United Kingdom and Japan.

Mustang 2015 looks like Ford Evos Concept
Mustang 2015 looks like Ford Evos Concept

This will definitely be sold all over the world. Ford also put money on the engine which is 5.0 V8. This has become the identity of Mustang. The power level will remain from 412 to 440 hp. There are also certain refinements done to the engine. It means it will be more powerful and efficient at the same time. In decades, the mustang will get a base engine with four-cylinder. Retro is definitely dead now. The mustang will be heading to a new direction. The car will certainly have a modern edge to it. There are a lot of car manufacturers that are adding extra boost systems like BMW and Porsche. Don’t be surprised if Fordgoes in this direction too.

Probably the look of the new Mustang 2015
Probably the look of the new Mustang 2015

The major competition is with the BMW 3-Series, Hyundai Genesis Coupe, and Audi A5.  The traditional mustang features will still remain however it is important to breathe life into it for another fifty years. This will let the aficionados stay faithful. They will definitely keep the soul of the car. However the edges will be sharper. The relationship between tires and body will be tighter. This one is a gift for the five decades that Ford has been in the market. This will remain an image car for years.

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