The McLaren 570S Is About to Hit the Roads

The McLaren 570S is about to go on sale this December and some people are calling it the bargain or economy sports car. It’s sleek, it’s smooth and it has a less hefty price tag attached to it. What McLaren did was take the 650S, which is selling at $273,600, and take away the parts that would allow them to sell the 570S at $187,400.


Being a sort of decontented 650S, you won’t find the active aero on the McLaren 570S. Instead, its manufacturers offer an exterior that provides no lift at all but have negligible aerodynamic downforce. The fancy hydraulic suspension is also missing, replaced with mechanical anti-roll bars that are simple in design along with independent shocks. You won’t find the carbon fiber fenders as well because they were traded for stamped aluminum. They did give the car a lively electrohydraulic steering which they claim makes for a ‘better feel’.


Not all of 650S have been replaced or toned down however. The basic carbon fiber tub is still the same, although they cut down the door sill a little bit for easier ingress and egress. The basic profile remains as well as the aluminum rear and front which are extruded. Under the hood of the McLaren 570S you will find a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 with turbos tailor-made for this model. There are also new parts: almost all-new gearbox shifting and engine management software, exhaust manifold, oil pump, and cam phasers. The air inlet has been revised as well.


So how does an economy sports car feel like? According to test drive reports, it is still a ‘screamer’ – meaning it is still a really good McLaren. For most of the rev range and at less than full throttle, the disparity in horsepower may not be felt at all. It handles bends, turns, and after-rain roads very well. It’s an overall solid fast car and with the lower price tag, it can be a great choice indeed.

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