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The Jaguar E-Type of Elton John was auctioned for 98 thousand euros

A 1965 Jaguar was auctioned for nearly 100 thousand euros only because in the past belonged to Sir Elton John. In 1987: Elton John buys a Jaguar E-Type, he mounts it up and drives it for a while ‘. In 2012 in Oxford, the same Jaguar is auctioned for 98 thousand euros. It’s not whatever Jaguar: its shield is OKE-1, a tribute to the Rocket Man.

Being precise, we say that Elton John has driven this car until 2001. And to be even more precise, it should be added without a doubt that the price at which an anonymous buyer will get it if the garage is set in the past depends on the owner, but finding a Jaguar in 1965 cannot happen every day.

Jaguar E-Type 1965 Dashboard View

Jaguar E-Type 1965 Dashboard View

The Jaguar, who under the hood has a 4.2-liter, was restored in 1979. More than thirty years later it is still in excellent condition. It will be because those who possessed her treated her with kid gloves.

Jaguar E-Type 1965

Jaguar E-Type 1965

Is it true, Elton?

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