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The future of Honda hot cars: Watch this space!

1. Honda Civic Type R

We start our list with a car that is highly anticipated among the hot hatch the faithful. The Honda Civic Type R since its first generation has been one of the best hot hatches money can buy with some great Vertu Honda deals, and reports indicate that the next-generation Civic, which is a long time coming, will be the most powerful ever.

Controversially, Honda is said to be ditching the 2.0-litre i-VTEC engine that made the original Type R’s such a blast in favour of a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol. This is to improve fuel efficiency, and also make the car a more relaxing drive during everyday situations – the original Type R’s had to be thrashed to make brisk progress.

Power wise, the new Civic Type R is said to be launched with… wait for it… a VXR smashing 300 bhp – that’s 100 bhp more than the outgoing Type R, and it will also develop in excess of 220 lb /ft of torque low down in the rev range.

Honda Civic Type R

Honda Civic Type R

The Type R will be based on the current generation Civic, which has not been as popular as the prior versions. However, it is a great car, and the Type R built on top of it should prove to be comfortable, refined, and very quick indeed.

2. Honda S660 Concept

The Honda S660 is a stunning concept car that was shown off recently. It is an open-top sports car that is around the same size as an Audi TT, but with daring looks and a low stance. A hot version of this would be incredible, for sure, and engine wise the car is said to have a 660c turbocharged petrol engine – that’s tiny, but the S660 has light-weight materials at heart, and therefore it should be able to make brisk progress.

Honda S660 Concept

Honda S660 Concept

Some say that this is a replacement for the S2000, but that car cannot be replaced… it was just that good, and it will be sorely missed. This S660 is only a concept, and it’ll likely not make production, but it’s great looking none-the-less and offers a glimpse in to the future of Honda’s tiny petrol engines.

3. Honda NSX

The original Honda NSX is now an exotic car, fetching thousands upon thousands of pounds at auction. It was more a muscle car than a supercar, with brisk straight line pace, and it’s hard to believe that it has been over 20 years since it was first produced – it still looks incredible today!

Honda NSX

Honda NSX

The next-generation NSX is said to be being released in 2015 with a torque vectoring  SH-AWD system and mid-mounted V6 petrol engine. It could develop the same power as a Nissan GTR but look a hundred times better.

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