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The flying car is back on track with the second prototype

Nowdays every driver is hoping to skip the traffic on the streets. Their dream is finally coming true as a US car company successfuyl tested their latest innovation which is a flying car. According to the Massachusetts firm Terrafugia, the prototype flying car called Transition is finally in production. The car plane has completed a test flight so it is now clear to hit the market sooner than expected. Carl Dietrich, the founder of the company, said that they have managed to make an impossible dream come true. The so called flying car can fit 2 passengers and its cabin looks like a Fiat 500. The wings are also collapsible. To own one, you will need $279,000. There are about 100 vehicles that are already pre sold. Although there are a lot of companies that have attempted to build flying cars, only one has succeeded in creating several models.

Definitely a lot of things have developed after the launch of Curtiss Autoplane which was put into action during the early 1900s. Because of new materials and computer technology, it can be said that flying cars are more affordable and easier to build. The success of the test flight has given hope to a lot of car lovers and those who believed that a flying car is not science fiction. It is a step much closer to reality. In the next decade, it is foreseen that ordinary people will be driving them. Car manufacturers in the meantime are creating something that would appeal to security personnel, military and even car collectors.

The flying car, Transition on the sky

The flying car, Transition on the sky

Terrafugia is also focusing on pilots who are seeking flexibility and lesser fees on the hangar. The flying car can fit in a normal car garage as it spans about 90 inches. This is after folding the wings which is additional 8m. According to the car manufacturer this vehicle can cover a distance of about 490 miles. The future flying car owner should have driver’s and pilot’s license. They need to have a minimum of 20 hours of flying. It is said that the craft would need about 2,500 feet in order to take off. This means pulling off the road is not possible especially if you want to get away from traffic.

Terrafugia's flying car, Transition - The second prototype

Terrafugia's flying car, Transition - The second prototype

Flying cars are even closer to reality.  There are other auto manufacturers that are planning to bring their flying cars in the market. The second prototype will be in production soon and it will be available in 2014. The car manufacturer is planning on providing training for future owners in order to operate the flying car. This would include taking off and landing. With the second prototype on the way, nothing could stop mankind from moving to the next step.

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