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Skoda Octavia vRS reached 200 mph at Bonneville Speed week

Over the past years, owners of Skoda cars have been subjected to stigma due to the reputation that it’s slow and with a disliked design.  Today things have changed as the car maker has improved on their product and image. The result was seen in the recent Bonneville Speed week as the Skoda Octavia vRS reached 200 mph as a top speed. The Octavia was part of the event to mark a decade since the launching of its vRS performance models. To prepare for the event, the car has seen modifications like having a turbocharger and intercooler in its engine. They also lowered the suspension of the car. However if you take away all these changes you will have the same standard Skoda model. According to the director of Skoda, the relationship of UK and the vRS badge is very successful.  Joining the Bonneville serves as a tribune and this project can surprise a lot of people.

Bonneville Skoda Octavia vRS interior

Bonneville Skoda Octavia vRS interior

This has shown the excellence of Skoda in terms of engineering as well as putting the car new limits. Aside from getting in the Bonneville 200 mph club, the team has another goal. They are not content with reaching the mark. They are planning to break the speed record which is 216 mph. the history of Skoda involves being taken over by Volkswagen in early 90’s. Since then it has embraced and reinvented its image into something powerful and stable. They took the engines of Volkswagen and changed their design.

After two decades, it has worked out for them. Based on satisfaction survey, Skoda is topping the ranks beating Porsche and Lexus. The owners of Octavia vRS will definitely have the last laugh on everything. The fastest one is said to give off about 500 BHP and it managed to make it at the second run. Its first result was just 195.69 mph. This car model is powered by the 2.0 TSI engine. It has also been equipped with larger turbo charger that boosts a 30 PSI and intercooler.  The whole car was lowered by 80mm.

Bonneville Skoda Octavia vRS engine

Bonneville Skoda Octavia vRS engine

Its tank is filled with high octane fuel. This is better than unleaded petrol. There are also safety measures that were added like fire extinguishers and even parachute. Overall the Skoda Octavia vRS reached the speed of 202.15 mph. There are changes that were implemented to improve aerodynamics and performance. Since the launching, there have been more than 12,000 units sold.

Skoda Octavia vRS Review at Bonneville Speed Week

Skoda Octavia vRS Review at Bonneville Speed Week

It has captured the hearts of car owners from the UK who love sports car driving. Since then the country has been the number one market for this car model. In order to show its gratitude, Skoda is focusing more on the engineering and excellence that puts the car to its limits.


  1. 200 MPH in a Octavia RS! Thats cool. The car must be soo fun 🙂

  2. Sooo what front part of a car have the designers of the Octavia pagliarized this time? A Lexus, maybe? Which number makes it in the list of copied cars ever since the Octavia, this fat back genetic crossover, was born? I think it all started with a clear copy of a design by a Rover car, then Audi or Volkswagen and finally I lost track. Deffinitely, it seems that the Octavia designers lack any imagination to create a car of their own, with itb4s own design save for its awfully fat back.

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