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Rinspeed XchangE | Automated driving

There are many people who believe in the future of automated driving and invest in it. By automatic driving is meant the technology by which a car is driven completely automatically. All the driver has to do is to choose the destination on the satellite navigation system. Among those who consider that the automated driving is very close to reality is the Rinspeed. The Swiss company grappled with how it could be inside an automated car, preparing the XchangE, a prototype sedan for the Geneva Motor Show.



It supports that the provision of domestic offers best facilities and those enjoying the business class airline flight. Apart from the seats, reminiscent of aircraft technology steering steer by wire could be an element of a modern jet. Impressive portability steering wheel on the center console to free up space in the cabin.



The passengers and driver of Rinspeed XchangE can work on their laptops, read, listen to music, surf in the web, play, watch movies or even make a meeting, while the car travels in the speed of 120 km/h to the selected destination.

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By Nicole P.

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