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Next generation Nissan GTR | Hybrid

Andy Palmer, head of Nissan, at a press conference, referred to the next GT-R, which is expected to be launched sometime in 2015, incorporating new, advanced technologies. More specifically, the new generation model will feature a hybrid powertrain to reduce consumption and emissions of CO2. Indeed, everything in the Palmer, Nissan’s engineers are working feverishly on the field, so be ready in time. Moreover, according to previous information the Williams F1 team will lend the system KERS, together with a comprehensive aerodynamics package upgrade, to be used in next generation of the GT-R.

Next generation Nissan GTR

Next generation Nissan GTR

On the other hand, the new Nissan GT-R Nismo, which will occur in a few days at the Tokyo Motor Show, and it is more conventional, as to the changes are accepted in relation to the next generation GT-R, such as argued Palmer. At the same time, people at Nissan have focused on the performance of this supercar, and want to prove the 2 seconds that is theoretically needed to complete the 0-100 km/Hr.

Next generation Nissan GTR

Next generation Nissan GTR

Moreover, they booked four racing drivers to pilot the model in the famous Ring (Nurburgring), with a preponderance of Sebastien Buemi, since the Palmer believes, is the fastest.

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By Nicole P.

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