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Mitsubishi prepares the new hybrid Lancer Evo

Mitsubishi is seriously thinking to move on the production of the new Lancer Evo, and probably the new model will be powered by a plug-in hybrid motor and efficiency of 500 hp! According to reports, Mitsubishi is expected to launch the new generation of sports model, in 2015. Specifically, Lance Bradley, director of Mitsubishi in England, said in a statement that it’s time for the new Lancer Evo, which will be a hybrid.

Lancer Evo hybrid

Lancer Evo hybrid

There might have been doubts about whether a hybrid model will have the response that anticipates the Japanese brand, but it seems to exceed the company, as Bradley appeared optimistic that sales of the hybrid model would be significant. Regarding to the mechanical parts, rumors speak of a hybrid plug-in set, the Mitsubishi will get the MiEV Evolution II.

Lancer Evo hybrid

Lancer Evo hybrid

Indeed, the combination of 2 liter gasoline engine and electric motor will be able to secure in the new model moving traffic and of course the four wheel, 500 horsepower combination, emitting about 50 g/Km CO2 and offering a range of pure electric drive at least 60 km. On the other hand, the style and design of the original RA, it seems that would lend several features in the new generation sports model, as pointed out by the people of Mitsubishi.

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By Nicole P.

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