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Mercedes Viano VISION DIAMOND, a car for everything

Mercedes teases the imagination of the Chinese drivers and offers a car which they call “superlative show car”. This is the Viano DIAMOND VISION, to achieve that there was a preparation of a thousand and one nights which includes materials, coatings and the worthy result of a Maybach. The Viano DIAMOND VISION is characterized by its burnished headlights, the grille black with chrome trim and the LED lights in the lower shield adding some light to the two-tone body color. The black and pearl white is replicated on the five-spoke alloy wheels, while the brake calipers are colored gold. Additionally an entirely different thickness changes for the interior.

Mercedes Viano VISION DIAMOND Interior

Mercedes Viano VISION DIAMOND Interior

The vehicle stands out in the particular presence of the Magic Sky Control, but it is extending to the side windows, rear window and the internal divider between the helm and the cockpit: all these elements can lighten or darken at the touch of a button. The Mercedes engineers have also used black leather upholstery for the front seats and white porcelain for the rear seats. The latter are derived from CL and provided for the air conditioning, the massage and the support for the legs. It brings also cup-holders plus special charging stations for iPhones and iPads.



The passenger compartment is characterized by the presence of the five bottle holders, of a wooden border that crosses the entire passenger compartment and by the interesting multimedia system Beo Sound Viano, which manages – through a dedicated application; it is controllable via a smartphone – the functions of the screen to disappearance of 40-inch TV and the receiver of wireless connection.

Guest post by Ze Ali

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