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Mercedes A-Class: Geneva Motor Show 2012

The shift that has taken over the mark in a number of Mercedes-Benz Cars was just one, Dieter Zetsche, who has approached the new A-Class to the legendary 190, in 1982, during an exclusive preview of the evening which ended hours ago. Both the Baby-Benz at the time as the third generation of a “small” Mercedes are two key moments in the history of Stuttgart: the one and the other represented-and-represent the most sporty and youthful imaginable on the premium market. The new A-Class moves to its dynamic lines, its athletic proportions, its characterization and ex-youth strength, daring with which he repudiated its story from the “sissy” a bit ‘so, all on her.  Today, the compact German is born with broad shoulders, the face of evil and the desire to play them on the two rivals, who even have to name them.

2013 Merdes Benz A Class Showroom

2013 Merdes Benz A Class Showroom

Mercedes is in the product you are perhaps more courageous for many years now to pick, and takes the occasion of its debut for the uncovering of its ambitions: the house has launched a plan to return to the world’s bestselling premium brand at most by 2020, betting strong on so-called “customer wins”, the ones stolen from other manufacturers. Additionally, the Class A, with all models of this transition (three-door, SUV, sedan-coupe …) will play in this ambitious program a key role.

Dashboard Feature Picture

Dashboard Feature Picture

The manufacturer tries to summarize the many interesting aspects of its new model in three key concepts: agility, security and connectivity. The new Class A will be primarily a compact sporty fun enough to drive. Not forgetting the traditional absolute security guaranteed by any Mercedes, the compact squeeze the eye of the young, offering connectivity solutions designed for cutting-edge smartphones. The new A-Class will go on sale in September and will offer many alternative techniques, all of them first class. Among the petrol engines are two new units, both with direct injection: a 1.6 turbo, 115 hp variant proposed in the A 180 and in that the A 200 by 156, and a 2.0 turbo, offered in a single 211 hp on powerstep A 250.

Mercedes Benz A-Class 2013

The 1.6 also brings the debut of the Camtronic systems, which regulates the valve lift on the intake side constantly adjusting their positions to optimize performance and fuel economy. Among the diesels are however contained in the 1.8 109 hp and 250 Nm of the A 180 CDI and the variant of 136 hp and 300 Nm of the A 200 CDI. At the top of the range is the 2.1 170 bhp and the 350 Nm. All engines in the range feature start-stop and standard six-speed manual transmission. Among the options, is available the new 7G-DCT, a seven-speed dual-clutch fully developed by Mercedes.

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