McLaren P1 GTR – The Car Only 375 People Will Own

Automobile makers are known to produce cars that only a few people can own. Ferrari’s own 458 Speciale A only has 499 copies worldwide, and one of them got sold at an auction.

And now, here comes the McLaren P1 GTR. A car dubbed so exclusive that only 375 people in the world can own one.

The McLaren P1 is an insanely fast vehicle.


It’s top speed was clocked at 217 mph and is easily one of the fastest cars people can buy today. However, McLaren decided to up this even more with their McLaren P1 GTR. The latest version of the P1 is much more powerful and a lot more faster. Of course, when equipped with such features, being ridiculously more expensive sure follows. To add to that, only 375 of the richest people on earth who own the original P1 street car can get this newest vehicle.


In terms of cost, the GTR is about $2 million more than its predecessor. The original P1 came with a price tag of $1.2 million. But the GTR will require car lovers to fork out $3.2 million to claim the car as theirs. The P1 GTR is the latest in a string of track-ready hypercars, which include the Ferrari FXX, Ferrari 599XX and Pagani Zonda R. Just like the others mentioned beforehand, the P1 GTR cannot be driven on the streets. Instead, it will be solely used for track-based fun.


Other features of the GTR include an additional 83 horsepower from its 3.8-liter turbocharged V8 hybrid electric powerplant. This makes the overall total to 986 hp. The P1 GTR will also have upgraded aerodynamics, brakes and suspension components. Some of the luxurious aspects of the interior have been stripped off to reduce its weight and they have been replaced with expensive carbon fiber. Truly, a toy only the wealthiest of us can afford.

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