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Improved De Tomaso Pantera by Ringbrothers in SEMA 2013

Who does not remember the legendary Pantera, a model that has established the name of De Tomaso. Now, this legendary sports car will live on renovated and improved thanks to Ringbrothers who have decided to offer a new model to the market and all Pantera lovers. Ringbrothers is bringing a 600hp De Tomaso Pantera “ADRNLN” to SEMA 2013 designed in collaboration with Nike’s innovation skunk works team.

Ringbrother ADRNLN Pantera

Ringbrother ADRNLN Pantera

For the moment there is only a render, what really makes the idea of what will be the car to the finished project. Thanks to its wide wheels, strong colour and dynamic shape the new appearance looks  very Yankee. De Tomaso Pantera created quite a ruckus when it made its public debut at the New York Motor Show in 1970. Combining Italian styling with American horsepower, the Pantera was both beautiful to look at and super fast on the road. Clearly, this is an elaboration which tends to revisit this car from a modern vintage point of view.

The car that will be presented in SEMA in November, is called ADRNLN and is one of the more aspiring projects we have seen that results to a super altered Pantera. Underneath the surface lies an LS3 V (engine of Wegner Motorsports capable of delivering over 600 hp, in accordance to an ZF 5-speed to keep up with the large rear tires. a set of HRE forged wheels wrapped in Nitto tires with stopping power produced by Baer six-piston calipers at each corner. Tastefully subtle design cues like small wheel flairs and custom rocker panels with brake cooling ducts adorn the Pantera’s steel monocoque body which is finished off in BASF’s Glasurit 90-Line paint system to deliver the signature Ringbrothers look.With this technical equipment, the Pantera, called ADRNLN, will give a hard time to anyone on the quarter mile. This is not the first time that we have featured the work of the Ringbrothers. At last years SEMA they brought along an epic Ford Mustang GT.

This beautiful car will be officially presented in the 5th of November  during the Sema Show in Las Vegas. However, there is a secret in this car story: When Mike and Jim Ring first encountered this particular 1971 Pantera, the car was owned by Randy Brickle and it was in rough shape. The car was owned by Randy Brickle who was diagnosed with cancer and passed away before the shop working on his beloved De Tomaso could finish the project.Luckily,  his wife Cheryl was determined to finish the build making her late husband’s dream a reality even though after his death. Through the recommendation of a friend Cheryl found the Ringbrothers and there you go.

1971 Pantera

1971 Pantera

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