How To Get The Best Deal When Renting A Car

There are many different circumstances that could lead you to renting a car. Perhaps you were involved in an accident and a courtesy car wasn’t included in your insurance. Or perhaps you have a vital business deal to attend, but want to arrive in something that you feel is more in keeping with your business image. Whatever your reasons for renting, it doesn’t have to cost the earth; in today’s post, we’ll be giving you just a few tips on how to get the best deal.

Why are you renting?

First of all, what’s the purpose of your rental? Is it for business or a family holiday? The purpose behind your rental will help you to determine what kind of car you need to get, and therefore narrow down your search for the best deal. What’s the point in renting the latest top model with all the mod-cons, when it just needs to run you to and from work for a few days whilst your car is in the garage? The best way to keep costs down is to pick the right car for your needs.


What do you need?

Speaking of needs, you should put together a list of all the things your car must have. If you’re shopping for a rental for your commute, you’ll be in the driver’s seat a lot, so comfort is absolutely essential and you might be looking for leather seats and air conditioning. However, if it’s for a family holiday, looking for reliable, larger models or deals where child booster seats are included, will be high on your list of priorities. You should always do a quick online search for reviews of family cars, as opinions on safety and how economical they are will come in useful when making your decision.

Use specific car leasing websites

Although your gut instinct might be to go for the most popular price-comparison websites, this can often end up costing you more, as a lot of the specialist companies out there who do nothing but rent cars to people are quite often excluded from the search results. These are the websites that will be able to offer you the best car leasing deals on the market; All Car Leasing, for example, provide regular ‘Manager’s Specials’, and you can search their portfolio of over 7,000 vehicles.


Book in advance where you can

As with most things, one of the key considerations when looking for a good motoring deal is timing. In other words, don’t leave it to the last minute to book your rental when prices are likely to increase. One of the worst mistakes people can make when renting for a short trip, for example, is to wait until they step off the plane and go to the nearest car rental desk. These are the outlets that are likely to overcharge given their monopoly on the service in the area, so don’t fall for this car-leasing trick.

Have you leased a car recently?

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