How Smart is A Smart Electric Drive?

Smart cars have indeed turned at least a part of the world into something more innovative and eco-friendly. This kind of “ultra-urban car” is now gallivanting in the streets of London, Paris, Barcelona and Rome and not just in America.

The Battery.

The All-new Smart Electric Drive might have the right kind of functionality you have been looking for aside from its environment-friendly engine system. It is basically run by a battery which is durable and of course, made to last. Using this can be carefree because of its “Battery Assurance Plus” which is an exclusive rental program for its battery.


The Plug-in.

Charging your car can actually be easy. After you had fun driving around, you can easily plug it in through a 240-volt charger while parking it in your garage. When you have to use it, you simply unplug it then just like any other electronic device.


The Torque.

You might be turned off thinking that this car might not be as powerful as any fuel driven car. But, this has been built with instant torque so that there will be no lags at all nor any delays. This is just as powerful as all the other cars.

The Feel.

Driving this can even be smoother than all the other basic cars. This is possible through the single transmission installed making its simpler for you to accelerate smoothly. You can be assured that there will be no hint of turning up of the gear.


The Nimbleness.

The motor used for this car is the kind which is electro-magnetic and comes in the most convenient compact size. Its turning radius has been tightened perfectly so you can be nimble while you drive.

The Look.

One thing that is great about this model is that it can look unique, depending on your preferences. You can actually have this personalized. Customized wraps are available to make your smart car looking original.

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