Green Car Technology – The Selection is Growing!

Innovative green technology means new cars are being developed that are better for the environment and your wallet too. They can make long journeys just as easily as gas-guzzlers, so it won’t be a problem to take that trip from Cornwall to Kent, or Edinburgh to The Midlands. Car dealers now offer a varied selection of eco-friendly cars such as Honda’s range of hybrid cars, Volkswagen’s Bluemotion series, and SEAT’s Ecomotive cars.

Eco-Friendly Cars – Benefiting your Budget and the Environment

Lower fuel costs are the biggest direct benefit to the owners of eco-friendly cars, although many people choose to buy a green car for ethical reasons thereby reducing the negative effects and burden on the environment. Another big benefit of eco-friendly cars comes at tax time as owners can take advantage of credits and deductions on their efile. Electric cars don’t require as much gas – a good thing in a world with limited resources – and hybrid cars work on a combination of electricity and gasoline or diesel to get moving, meaning they use far less fuel than traditional vehicles. However, these are not the only choices: many car manufacturers are building green technology into their vehicles in other ways.

Green Car Technology

Car tax is a lot lower on eco-friendly cars, because the tax is based on either engine size or fuel type and CO2 emissions, depending on when the car was registered. New cars’ tax is based on fuel and emissions, so it’s much lower for green cars – in some cases there’s no tax at all on them.

Honda’s Hybrid Range

Honda is one of the leading designers of hybrid cars and one of the first manufacturers in venture into the eco-friendly car market.  Having built a number of ‘green’ cars that are specifically hybrids, and has also incorporated the technology into some of its other models. These include the Honda Insight, the Honda CR-Z and the Honda Jazz.

A great way to make a completely guilt-free transition into the world of eco-friendly cars is to donate that gas guzzling car for charity. You not only inevitably end up with a more eco-friendly vehicle that is better on gas and kinder to the environment, but you can rest easy knowing that your old vehicle is helping out a noble cause. The donation process is incredibly simple and can be completely accomplished online. You can even shop around for the best charity while picking out the perfect hybrid car.

Volkswagen’s Bluemotion Range

Bluemotion technology is VW’s answer to eco-friendly vehicles. It’s not technically hybrid technology however but it has been designed with similar intentions in mind; The Bluemotion range helps to improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. Bluemotion vehicles run on diesel engines which are available in a number of VW’s new cars. These include the classic Golf, Beetle and Polo models, and the new Up! Range too which has been specifically created as an eco-friendly city car, and launched this year.

Volkswagen also offers a hybrid vehicle in the shape of its Touareg, a smart SUV that’s designed for modern family life.

SEAT’s Ecomotive Range

SEAT has also taken steps to help preserve the environment by creating its innovative green technology, Ecomotive. The technology is designed to reduce emissions and boost fuel economy whilst at the same time remaining sporty and ready for action. One of the features is a Start and Stop system that switches the engine off when stopped and put into neutral, and starts it up again when the clutch is engaged.  Ecomotive technology has been incorporated into a number of SEAT vehicles, including the SEAT Ibiza, the SEAT Exeo, and the New SEAT Toledo.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on one of these green cars you’ll find a great selection The JCB Group, the premier new car dealers in Kent.  Whether you live locally or across the other side of the country, the new car sales team at JCB will be happy to deliver your new vehicle right to your front door for no extra charge!   So book a test drive today and be amazed at how well these hybrids and eco-friendly cars handle the road – not only will you be helping the environment but your wallet will also notice the difference!

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