Finally launched the new Ferrari Enzo

This new car model coming from Ferrari is finally launched. Recently it was spotted being tested on a high speed track somewhere in Germany. The car model is said to be a rival of Porsche 918 spyder. It is also said to be a replacement for McLaren F1 sports car. Under its hood is where you can find its carbon body, chasis and a V12 engine. Visually, you will find clues that give away the fact that Enzo is made by Ferrari. This is thanks to the 458 front-end style. The wheels are also made from FF alloy.

Enzo has a flat nose with rise haunches. It mirrors the proportion of 458. The only difference is the fact that this car is wider. Underneath all the best features are some small drawbacks. The rear has a wing underneath. This is not the same compared to the original Enzo’s wingless car model. At the back of the car is where you can find a pair of large exhausts. This complements the mid mounted engine. Although a lot of car manufacturers are downsizing, Ferrari is strong in its intention to continue using V12 engines, especially on its top models.

Ferrari Enzo 2012

Ferrari Enzo 2012

This brand new Enzo has a 7.3 litre with a V12 engine. It gives off more than 900 bhp. This goes beyond its super rival which is the Porsche 918 which only gives off about 728 bhp. The original Enzo is only about 650 bhp. Enzo is also featuring several good specifications like the double clutch gear box. The brakes are made of ceramic material. The driver will also have control over a power boost with just a push of a button because of the F1 style Kers. The chassis is made of carbon fiber just like its body which is compared to other Ferrari models.

This new Enzo is also lighter than the original which is said to guarantee a supercar performance. In less than three seconds, it covers about 62mph. The top speed of the car model is about 220 mph. This car model is also much lower in emissions and the fuel consumption is very low.  This new Ferrari is said to cost more than half a million pounds. Just like other Enzo that were sold which were only about 399, this latest Ferrari will find its way to that small number of car owners as well. In fact a lot of people are waiting for the product so it is best to reserve yours today.

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