Embrace the diversity of the classic car market

For years,arguments have raged about the various attributes that make up the DNA of a classic car– but there are some qualities that simply cannot be disputed: personality and exclusivity. Admittedly, the classic car landscape has changed dramatically over the last decade. However, growing concerns over the state of the classic car market, and the advancing years of most devotees,has led tosome critics claiming there won’t be a market in 30 years’ time. A sobering thought, but almost certainly misguided. To carry on its rich vein of form, though, the classic car market needs to continue to embrace diversity and realise there are two sides to every coin for the discerning vintage vehicle owner.

Classic Mercedes

While some treat it merely as a hobby, others attach a very real business aspect when looking at classic cars for sale,and see it as the ideal investment opportunity.

As such, it’s important to remember the economic gap between a multi-millionaire aficionada with a garage packed full of Aston Martin’s and Ferraris, and Joe Bloggs carefully hanging on to his beautifully maintained Honda CRX. And although it may be hard to imagine – or perhaps you just don’t want to – an Astra or a Fiesta costing an arm and a leg as a future classic car, it pays to remember that if it was a boring car when it was first released, it’ll still be a boring car in the future – which brings us back to the first point: personality and exclusivity.

To illustrate, let’s rewind to 1984.

Take the Austin Montego: It’s not exciting to look at and rusts easier than The Tin Man during a typhoon – certainly not a contender for a bona fide classic. It lacked personality and it definitely lacked exclusivity.

Classic Car

Classic Car

However, from the same year, a BMW 3 series or an Audi Quattro can, nowadays, be considered real classics in anyone’s eyes. Both vehicles packed a punch, had oodles of character, and their distinctiveness makes them highly sought after in today’s classic car market.

In the next 30 years, classics may range from the Smart Car to the Mazda RX8 – but no matter what, the characteristics that define a classic will always remain open to interpretation, and it’s a guarantee the same arguments will continue to rage.

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