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If you are beginning to have thoughts like, “I need to sell my car,” and more importantly you need to sell your car fast then you should really look at the possibility of selling your car online quickly at CarBuyerTom.

Car sellers are always saying that they are feeling fed up with taking telephone calls from potential buyers, having meetings cancelled last minute and being haggled on price. Therefore they are looking more and more to CarBuyerTom to sell their vehicles because of our convenient service.

The Downfalls of Selling Your Car Privately

If you have ever tried to sell your car yourself then you will realise there are several downfalls that a seller will encounter. Firstly there are the advertisements that you will need to put out online to get potential buyers interested. These can be costly both in print and online. If you get no interest in these initial adverts then you may incur costly advert renewals to keep it going. Not to mention you will not be selling your car fast.

Selling your car

Selling your car

If your advertisement does manage to generate some interest then you may start getting a number of phone calls. Not all these phone calls will be at times that will suit you if you are working and busy. If you put your number online then there is a possibility that you may actually feel bombarded with calls and queries about your car.

If you feel you have a serious potential buyer that has contacted you. The next stage will be to set up an appointment. Here you will have to examine both of your schedules to find a suitable date and time. If the potential buyer has found you online then they may be travelling a distance to view the car. This can be a very unreliable state of affairs. Sometimes you may find that you make appointments where the potential buyer does not show up to view your car. Other times you may find they have already found a car they wish to purchase before the appointment date.

Another downside of setting up appointments with potential buyers privately is that many times they will need your home address to come and view the car. Lots of sellers feel uncomfortable speaking to strangers, giving out their address to them and meeting them alone. There have been stories of people being targeted on private listing car advertisements and have ended up being carjacked.

Car for sale

Car for sale

Many used car buyers will attempt to haggle or negotiate in getting you to lower your price. This can happen even if the price has been set beforehand. Many hagglers will say photographs did not fully show body work damage or interior wear.  This can be a very uncomfortable experience with a stranger. Especially if you meet a very intimidating potential buyer. It may also take place at your home address, on your drive, it is definitely not ideal.

Weeks can turn into months before you find your buyer which is not what you want if you need to sell your car fast.

What Can You Do To Sell Your Car Fast?

Luckily for you, it could not be simpler to sell your car with SellYourCar2Tom. All you need to do is complete three very simple steps. If you visit our website, enter your registration number to Tom and then confirm your details are correct. We may ask you for more details. Just let us know about your car’s history, MOT, mileage and service history. Make sure you tell us about any optional extras too, such as privacy glass, upgrade alloys and satellite navigation.

It is then time just to sit back and relax! We will respond to you within 24 hours. Please make sure you’ve included the correct contact details. If you are happy with the valuation we have provided an appointment will be made to suit you so we can have a look at (and set up payment for your car!) It is as simple as that, if you need any more information on how to sell your car fast with CarBuyerTom then take a look at our FAQ’s.

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