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BMW Active Tourer | Production begins

Introduced some time ago, the original Active Tourer Outdoor, BMW is launching a new era, incorporating in its range and front wheel drive models. So, this concept will go into production, as BMW Active Tourer in the U.S. market, while it is not yet known what name shall adopt the European market and will be the first of many models will be based on the new platform UKL, as stressed on the Ian Robertson, a senior official of the brand. Note that this platform we met the new Mini Cooper, which has as main feature of reducing the weight of all new cars and improving rigidity. Furthermore, note that the new model will have dimensions of 4,350 mm. length, 1,833 mm. width and 1,576 mm. width, but also many choices of comfort, practicality and repositories for activities inside and outside the city, as indicated.

BMW Active Tourer

BMW Active Tourer

Moreover, according to the company, the new model will have two versions with a shorter and a longer wheelbase, thanks to which will bring 7 seats seating arrangement. Mechanical far not confirmed anything, aside from the fact that the 3 and 4 cylinder engines used Mini and here. Bear in mind of course that the original model using a plug-in hybrid drivetrain combining a combustion engine of 1.5 liters, with electric PHEV. This total yield together 190 horsepower and allow the concept to complete the 0-100 km/hr in less than 8 seconds with a final 200 km/hr.

BMW Active Tourer

BMW Active Tourer

Indeed, the combined use of motor obtained on an average consumption of 2.5 lt/100 km and emits less than 60 g/km, According to the German company. Therefore the model and production is scheduled to be launched in 2015, we expect the likely existence of a hybrid version, and optional 4 wheel drive availability.

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By Nicole P.

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