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8 Ferrari, 1 Lamborghini and 3 Mercedes – The most expensive car crash ever

Car accidents are not part of the daily news since it is a normal occurrence until there is death involved. Every day are recorded hundreds of car accidents. But the car accident that happened in Japan last year has crushed the hearts of many car fans due to the nature of the situation. It involved 8 Ferraris, 1 Lamborghini, and 3 Mercedes-Benz.

While they were speeding in the highway, somehow they crashed into each other. This is considered to be the most expensive car crash that has ever been recorded. The crash, which happened in the Chugoku Expressway in the south area of Yumaguchi Prefecture, is estimated to cost about $3.85 million dollars.

According to the police they were driving in couples. Witnesses explained what happened and made everything clear. The cars were traveling together to go to a meet up in Hiroshima. Most of them didn’t know each other and just agreed to get organized and go to the event all together. The lead was a Ferrari F430 Scuderia. The driver was a 60 year old businessman that totally went out of control while driving. In front of him was a Pruis going very slow and in his attempt to bypass it the car spun out.  Right behind him the other luxury cars were so close to each other that couldn’t avoid the crash creating a chain reaction.

The Most Expensive Car Crash - Chugoku Expressway, Japan

The Most Expensive Car Crash - Chugoku Expressway, Japan

The white Ferrari hit the black Mercedes and crashed into the railing but the Ferrari behind him managed to avoid everything. Unfortunately the other Ferraris didn’t have the same fate. The F355 in its attempt to avoid the crash it hit the railings of the highway.

The other cars that were following the convoy were also damaged. All in all there are 14 cars in the pile up. After the accident you could see everywhere bright red Ferraris smashed in the highway.

There were also other cars involved in the accident like a Nissan Skyline and Toyota Prius. Based on the footage all the cars spread on the highway are either wrecked or destroyed. There were trails of crushed metal and broken glasses everywhere. There were also several cars that were piled up near the metal barrier.

The Most Expensive Car Crash - Japan

The Most Expensive Car Crash - Japan

The exotic cars cost about $3.8 dollars which is definitely heart breaking for a lot of car fans. This is said to be the most expensive crash that has ever happened.

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