5 Tips for Scoring the Best Deal on Your New Car

Buying a new car can be exciting, but it can also be tricky. Even if you have bought a car before, the showroom and the salespeople can be a little intimidating, so it is best to formulate a game plan before you head in. There are also some little things you can do even before you select a car that will help you out tremendously later on. If you haven’t thought about any of this yet, here are some handy tips you might want to use to score the best deal on your new car.

1. Down Payment

If you have some money already saved up and ready to go, this will almost always help you qualify for a lower interest rate. This indicates that you are able to save and manage your money properly, and this is looked on favourably when you are trying to get a deal on a car loan.

2. Credit Rating

Having a good credit rating is a good step toward getting a great deal on your car, as it means that you have demonstrated an ability to pay loans back on time. Knowing your credit rating in advance can also help you out a lot. Having a bad rating doesn’t make it impossible to get your car though; look to loan specialists who can offer you a bad credit car loan. Getting this loan from a specialist company, such as Dreamloans, will often result in a more reasonable interest rate than getting the same loan directly from the car dealership

New Car deal

New Car deal

3. Avoid Paying for Extras

Salespeople will often try to bombard you with offers and add-ons for your car that you might not necessarily want or need. This only boosts the price and, very often, you can get the same add-ons later elsewhere for a cheaper price if you decide you really do need them.

4. Timing

Timing is everything if you want to grab the best price for your car. The end of a season is always a good time to buy a car, as dealers are looking to get rid of the ‘older’ models fast in order to bring in their new stock. November and December are also relatively good choices as well, as dealers will be looking to boost up their sales figures.

New Car Tips

New Car Tips

5. Haggle

Don’t be afraid to haggle down the price, but do make sure you are reasonable. Avoid being aggressive when negotiating the price as well, as this might hinder your chances. Salespeople react better to numbers than personality, so use your research to your advantage.

These are just some tips you can use to score a great deal on your new car. Different dealerships may be more receptive to different tactics, so make sure you do your research and shop around before honing in on the car you want.

Have you recently bought a car or do you work as a car salesperson? What would your tips be for grabbing a good deal on a new car? Do you agree with the points made above? Let everyone else know in the comments section below.

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