5 Impressive Cars that Make the Best Hot Rods

Hot rods have been quite popular especially in American even before World War II. They are classy and extremely powerful, no wonder a lot of car enthusiasts own one or several of these classic vehicles. However, these cool rides started out with cheap parts assembled by kids who wanted to tinker with speedy cars. By the end of 1940s, hot rods and custom rides were considered not only a trend but alsoa lifestyle. This is why you can now find numerous old automobiles that have been modified to have more power and speed.


Considered by many collectors as the “sexy beast,” the Zephyr goes beyond its impressive design. Although it was a marque for lower-priced luxury cars, it had a modern look with its low raked windshield, streamlined aerodynamics and integrated fenders.

Lincoln Zephyr


Pickup trucks are usually make great hot rods because they have more than enough space for a bigger engine as well as everything you need to make a vehicle fast and powerful. Although the Chevy 3100 isn’t as elegant as other classic trucks, it still looks fantastic. All you need is to use the right color and you’ll have a fancy-looking ride.

Chev 3100


This is one of the most popular hot rods in the United States. It’s also the number one selling vehicle before WWII. It was easily regarded as the first cheapest automobile during that era. This mean-looking machine has a unique design, making it an excellent hot rod.



This car was also known as the Corvette Stingray, which was designed to be a sports car. Its first ever production had a unique styling element with its divided rear window, as well as Quad headlamps, doors that were cut into the roof, vents located in the hood and functional rear pillars.


This car was produced because of Chrysler’s intention to have a specialty car that would fit between a pony car and a personal luxury automobile. They also wanted a ride with a B-body for a fastback sports car.

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