5 Classic cars which actually hold their value

Classic cars are popular with many groups of people and often attract plenty of attention from buyers and sellers who love the fact many of them manage to hold their value. To make sure you invest any classic car cash wisely, here are five of the best examples for holding their value.

 1.      Aston Martin DB5 – it’s been featured in movies and is a prime example of 60s British cool but the shape was just an evolution of the DB4. Launched in 1963, it featured the same six-cylinder engine as the DB4 but enlarged to 4.0 litres. It featured 282bhp but this left the DB5 at a disadvantage compared to contemporaries offered by Ferrari. The DB5 Vantage was the solution which Aston Martin came up with in September 1964.

With an estimated value of £70,000- £335,000 depending on the model, this is a car which is guaranteed to hold its value.


Courtesy of Martin Hidinger via Wikimedia Commons

 2.      Triumph TR5 – when the Triumph was released, it had a purchase price of just £1,200 and this made it great value for money in comparison to its contemporary rivals. In just over a year of production, nearly 3,000 found homes. The relatively short history of the TR5 means that there are fewer in existence than many of its contemporaries and this in itself increases their value.

 3.      Jaguar E-Type – this cars design is unmistakeable and there are few other cars which still look as fresh after 50 years. The E-Type was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show in 1961 and reached 60mph in just under seven seconds. 72,000 were produced of which around 6,000 remain.

 4.      Maserati Ghibli – replacing the Sebring and competing adequately with the Ferrari Daytona and Lamborghini Islero, the Ghibli emerged as one of the era’s finest GT cars. Approximately 1,300 were produced but only an estimated 97 are left in existence leaving these cars highly valuable.

 5.      Aston Martin V8 – in 1972 the DBS was restyled and renamed the V8 and it would end up being Aston Martin’s staple product until 1990. There are only approximately 760 of these vehicles left on the road so there not quite as rare as the Ghibli but still offer a valuable investment for those interested in purchasing a classic car.

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