4 Important Car Maintenance Checks for Road Safety

Car accidents are one of the major reasons of injuries and even deaths. Although these are inevitable, there are ways drivers can reduce the possibilities of road mishaps. One way to do this is by knowing what parts of your car need to be checked regularly. Here are four areas to consider:



A tire blowout can cause accidents specially when driving fast on the road. This can be prevented by ensuring your tires are even and in shape. You can do this by regularly monitoring your tires for tear and wear as well as maintaining proper tire inflation. Also, while driving, see to it that you are focused in the road to avoid hitting the curb which can result to puncturing your tires. It is best to avoid the occurrence of a tire blowout to be safer on the road.



There are batteries that do not need maintenance but it is still important to check it regularly for leaks to ensure it will not die down on you when you are driving. Clean the terminals if there is build up and replace it if needed.

Oil and Filter

Periodically, the oil engine and filter should be changed to protect the engine from getting damaged over the years. Taking it to a mechanic for servicing is important. If you engine oil leaks, it will not only lead to damage to your engine block but it can also drip on the road which can cause accidents on other motorists.



Your car needs to have functioning brakes to keep you out of danger on the road. By checking the level of the brake fluid as well as the steering fluid and coolant, your car’s braking system, steering kit and radiator will be well-maintained. Brake pads should also be replaced because of regular use. So, if you feel the brakes on your ride are not working well, take your car to the repair shop.

Knowing your car inside out is important and so is keeping it regularly checked and well maintained. These are routine checks that will keep you safe on the road.

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