2015 Mercedes GLK350: A Review

The new Mercedes GLK’s lithe and refined driving capacity makes it stand out despite its dated luxury experience. The GLK350 will also be the last model with the GLK name, as the company will be revamping the series. And so, successors will take on the nomenclature GLC, which is said to be released as a 2016 model.

The price of the Mercedes GLK350 currently starts at $38,825 with rear-wheel drive. If you’re wondering if the price is worth it, well, aside from the fact that it’s a Mercedes, there are more compelling reasons to love this car.



The GLK has a well-sorted suspension and a tight steering, connecting it to the road a sure-footed way. Its full-time all-wheel-drive system performs equally well in slippery roads. Aside from that, this model is a master of city driving thanks to its 37.6-foot turning circle and highly nimble nature. This means that you can easily maneuver around U-turns and tight corners with this sprightly SUV.

Design and Style

This model has a chiseled look and square roofline, making it a cut above the other SUVs with soft-styled luxury. And with its traditional SUV styling, the GLK seems bigger than it actually is. Nevertheless, the GLK’s upright shape as well as tall windows, thin body pillars and square roofline offer superb visibility from the driver’s seat.



Although the GLK has a more compact exterior unlike many SUVs, its cabin is surprisingly comfortable, except for the backseat, which is a bit tight. Aside from that, the interior is well put together with quality materials that provide a satisfying experience. All in all, driving or riding in it isn’t uncomfortable.


Ergonomics and Electronics

Compared to Mercedes’ latest high-res technology with touchpad in the C-Class, the GLK’s standard multimedia is somewhat a disappointed. It comes with the model’s standard five-inch screen, which is not effective in displaying the functions of its central controller system that controls the radio, media and other car features. Plus, the graphics can also be outdated. But not to worry, it has Bluetooth hands-free phone connectivity, streaming audio and a USB port.

The Mercedes GLK350 is one of the best-driving luxury SUVs, but falls short in terms of usefulness and design.

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