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“Mr K,” father of the Z car dies at 105

Posted on Feb 24, 2015 in Car News, Classic Cars | 0 comments

Yutaka Katayama, better known as Mr K, the first president of Nissan in the US has died at the age of 105. He was most known for introducing the very cost-effective Datsun Z sports car to American consumers in the...

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Japan: More Electric Car Charging Hubs Than Petrol Stations

Posted on Feb 21, 2015 in Car News, Electric Cars | 0 comments

It is the goal of countries, like Japan, to promote sustainability and environmentally safe ways to perform, produce and live in general. This is most likely the reason the Land of the Rising Sun now has more...

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Nissan Makes a Car That Is Highly Visible at Night

Posted on Feb 17, 2015 in Car News, Car Reviews, New Cars | 0 comments

Have you heard or read Nissan’s slogan? Innovation that Excites. This is...

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Unveiling the Newly Improved 2016 Honda Pilot

Posted on Feb 14, 2015 in Car Reviews, New Cars | 0 comments

There is really nothing sexy about a three-row SUV or any family car for that...

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Car Brand Loyal or Car Brand Hopper – Which One Are You?

Posted on Feb 10, 2015 in Car Compare, Car News, Car Reviews | 0 comments

Car brand loyalty may be something new to your ears, but manufacturers have...

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Armageddon-Ready RVs for Doomsday Preppers

Posted on Feb 7, 2015 in Car Reviews | 0 comments

For some, a recreational vehicle is simply a mobile home for holiday trips. But...

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Oil Price Collapse – Is It a Great Time to Buy More Cars?

Posted on Feb 3, 2015 in Car News | 0 comments

With neon signs flashing all–time low prices of gas coupled by the equally...

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3 Awesome Car Ads that Aired During Super Bowl XLIX

Posted on Jan 31, 2015 in Car News, Electric Cars | 0 comments

Last year’s Super Bowl had a clear winner from the very start. This...

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5 Tips for Scoring the Best Deal on Your New Car

Posted on Jan 27, 2015 in Car News, New Cars | 0 comments

Buying a new car can be exciting, but it can also be tricky. Even if you have...

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